DP Kahveci power, Heavy Criticism

Hunting Women DP President Lines. Violence against women committed in the last days of Dalkır Ayşegül Kahveci, Turkey's foreign policy and terrorism, and made statements on issues of interest.
"After June 12, 2011 elections, murder and violence committed against women to talk about the solution to produce power by believing nothing is done here. In fact, Mr. Minister, did not go so far beyond the testimonials speak.

The most obvious example of pre-election parliamentary closing "of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies for the position of women in politics had a remote and without women.
However, three women were killed as murders per every day of the Assembly did not show this sensitivity. Government against terrorism and killing of violence committed against women, unfortunately, the sensitivity of olağanlaştırdığı nation olağanlaştırmıştır against. Today, the murders committed against women in our country continues to ceiling. In some environments, shedding tears, valuable members of the government expect to share the same pain in regard to the murders committed against women.
In the face of violence and murders committed against women in the parliament sitting in rows of 78 women deputies in the parliament elections of June 12, 2011 should call the rights of women and statements from the attorneys on this issue, Mr. rastlanılmamaktadır any responses.
Unfortunately, with the changed name of the ministry of women as part of the family instead of being an individual and a citizen is positioned by the ruling. Although the AKP government in power since 2002 alone, continues to flow backwards for women's rights in our country.
All the events that took place in the Middle East region on behalf of the troubled days, a harbinger of the future.
Greater Middle East project name, on the reaction from the media and by the government through the trying that's imposed by the Arab Spring. In addition, this role on behalf of the Islamic world for Israel's response and ease the task without interruption rules Turkey today is the power of the AKP. Turkish foreign policy has become a mass of problems with zero zero problem saying so. Republic of Turkey on the government's foreign policy banana peel slip yaptırmaktadır.Rice patented process and share large shred Ortadoğuyu unfortunately continues to be significant due to the ruling.
to bed hungry in our country as the Government three million children who do not want to see why?
Humanitarian assistance mission to Somalia, of course. But in the meantime the Prime Minister to our country who are starving Kübralar "always and everywhere is experiencing" sentence in Turkey does not want to see starving children in Somalia against the awards, will leave our nation's children and running fast.
Zero wave of terrorism, a terrorist taking over faced with leaving the country intensified.
Continuous and single-handedly responsible for terrorist incidents increasing yönetenlerdir country. Business, stood up when everyone gets in the way in this business and it is accompanied by a ruling that says that the Turkish people remember today, as explanations are made by dividing the 37 ethnic groups. We know they are doing this as a conscious explanation.
Sıkışınca those in power rather than ask for help from someone in front of them by taking readings of speeches made everywhere recommendation. 3rd semester coming to power in a ruling that they are no longer looking at a 50% solution is that instead of producing a single complaint may be the result still: He beceriksizliklerini to cover up the Council.
Turkey today as a difficult and hard power in the same way that the country and the nation continues to expect to solve the problems created by yumağını "he said.

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